Isabel Bader Center

2017 City of Kingston- Livable City Design Award of Excellence

2017 The Illumination Engineering Society’s (IES) Illumination Award of Merit

2017 Queen’s University Human Rights Award

2017 Kingston Chamber of Commerce Tourism Award

2017 City of Kingston Livable City Design Awards

2016 USITT’s 2017 Architecture Award Society for College and University Planning and The American Institute of Architects’ Committee on Architecture for Education Honorable Mention in Excellence in Architecture for a New Building

2015 Ontario Glass & Metal Association Award for Excellence in Architectural Glass and Metal Design

2015 Ontario Association of Architects Award for Design Excellence

2015 Lieutenant Governor’s Award for Design Excellence in Architecture

2015 Wood Design Awards

2015 Ontario Glass and Steel Association

2014 The Frontenac  Heritage Foundation Awards- Certificate of Commendation

Roch Carrier Elementary School & Day Care Addition

2010 Provincial Winner of Ontario Masonry Design Awards

2005 Ottawa Urban Design Awards- Roch Carrier Elementary School, OCDSB

2005 Canadian Building Incentive Program Award – Roch Carrier Elementary School, OCDSB       

Bell Sensplex

2015 Canada Green Building Council LEED Canada Certified Richcraft Sensplex (Ottawa East)

2005 City of Ottawa “Accessible by Design” Award of Excellence presented to EMA architects   for the Bell Sensplex   ” Ottawa’s first barrier-free multi-sport facility”

Tilt-Up Achievement Awards:   

2017 Tilt-Up Achievement Awards for Half Moon Bay Elementary School

2000 Tilt-Up Achievement Awards for Kanata North Technology Park Phase II

1997 Tilt-Up Achievement Awards for Dy 4 Systems

1997 Tilt-Up Achievement Awards for SR Telecom

CON/STEEL Alliance Building of the Year:

2011 Canada Bank Note (Finalist)

2001 Kanata North Technology Park, Phase IV

2000 Kanata North Technology Park, Phase II

1999 Semiconductor Insights

1997 SR Telecom

Sustainable Development Award:

2000 Halogen, Headquarters (505 March Road) Commercial Building Incentive Program (CBIP) awarded by the Office of Energy Efficiency, from Natural Resources Canada for Colonnade’s energy efficient building design aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


2013 General Contractors Association of Ottawa “Integrity and Ethics Award” presented to Robert Matthews

2010 Certificate of Appreciation – presented by the St.Lawrence Parks Commission to EMA Architects for “The Camper Cabin Project (Ivy Lea Campground)

2006 Certificate of Merit presented to Edmundson Matthews Architects for the Hopewell Avenue Public School

2005 Certificate of Appreciation – presented by the City of Ottawa for Baxter Place

2000 Certificate of Appreciation presented to Edmundson Matthews Architects for the Shepherds of Good Hope Millennium Project

1991 Award of Excellence presented to Kohler Dickey Edmundson Matthews Architects for the Ottawa Normal School

1991 International Illumination Design Award– Ottawa City Hall

1989 Award of Distinction presented to Kohler, Dickey and Edmundson for the Ottawa Courthouse & Land Registry Office